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Providing Quality Pet Sitting Services in Asheville, N.C

Including: Arden, Fairview, Fletcher, Montford & Mills River


Initial Pet Sitting Consultation

Initial consultations are required for all new clients. During this time, LFPS will come to your home to meet you and your pets. We will obtain specific information about your pets’ diet, behavior, medical information and routine. Special requests such a plants, lights, location of pet supplies,, and obtaining a key are essential components of the initial consultation.

Why Choose a Pet Sitter?

  • Animals are creatures of habit that can become stressed when they deviate from their normal routines. They prefer familiar sounds, smells, and other pets that they are accustomed to being around.
  • They will not require vaccination against Bordetella (kennel cough).
  • They can keep to their regular routine:  Eating, sleeping, pottying, and receiving medications.
  • Added advantage of home security, watered plants, specific lights, mail/paper pick-up.
  • Walks in their own neighborhood.
  • Multiple pets are less expensive than boarding and your pet receives individual attention with familiar toys and treats.
  • Do not have to inconvenience family and friends.
  • Do not have the inconvenience of having to transport your pet to and from the boarding facility.
  • Your pet may exhibit signs of aggression, become timid, or experience diarrhea when he/she is exposed to other pets or unfamiliar surroundings.